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Decorative laser-cut panels enhance the aesthetic appeal of both interior and exterior spaces.  Here is the gallery for some of  installation photos and installation renderings. It will inspire you and help you to create beautiful products in record time.

Plain & Fancy, PA USA

Our panels can be incorporated into furniture and cabinetry. The ¼ inch laser-cut panel can be attached directly to your cabinet door as a decorative element. For a more open look, your contractor can frame it in to your project on its own or in front of glass.


Hemford Residential, Toronto ONT


Starbucks # 23284 - QEW & Casablanca


East York, Toronto

Decorative laser cut panel- wall covering


Cozy Living Room, Richmond Hill ONT

Laser Panel Application-wall Partition


IDS2019, Toronto ON

Wall partitions are our most popular application- they help define a space, while also allowing light and visibility from other areas.


Morocco Restaurant

Laser cutting wall partitions are commonly used to define the dining area from other areas, such as a hallway, bar or kitchen.


Garden Gangster, Toronto ON

Beautiful and functional laser cut panels


Bedford Design, Toronto ON

A successful roof-Garden Projects.

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